As a parent, you must have experienced anxiety when reading about a case of child kidnapping, especially in your vicinity. According to Reviews, every year thousands of children disappear all over the world. Kidnappers are a very good psychologist and they put this to use while connecting with a child. It is thus, important to train your child how to respond to certain situations as well. Watch out for some signs of the behavior of strangers that feel off or indicate they may have malicious intentions.

The Signs

Here are some signs that you can look out for to recognize a child kidnapper:

  1. Asking help from a child – One of the common tricks that kidnappers use is to ask for help from a child, either to find a lost pet or to help with heavy bags or something else. If you witness such a situation, it is time to get alert because a normal adult would seek the help of another adult and never from unfamiliar children.
  1. Suspicion characters – People who are observed near the playgrounds or watching children at play, maybe termed suspicious, if they do not have a child of their own playing there. Any normal adult wouldn’t have the time to do that on a regular basis. In such cases, let strangers know that you have been observing them and click a photo of them in such a way that they notice it. Such actions can scare away the kidnapper.
  1. Offering goodies – If you spot a stranger offering candies or toys to a child, it is not normal behavior. Kidnappers know that children are open and trusting and they put this to their benefit by luring them with more if they go to their car. Normal adults don’t go around giving presents to unfamiliar children without the consent of their parents.
  1. Asking for directions – Kidnappers target lone children and ask them to help guide them to a nearby store or place by inviting them to get into the car. If you spot someone doing this, it is indeed serious, as an adult would ask another adult or consult a GPS rather than ask a child.
  1. Luring the children – Kidnappers often bait their target by luring the kids in a way they find it hard to resist. Offering a ride on a swanky bike may be irresistible, especially to the boys. They may even flatter the kids and ask them for a photoshoot by introducing themselves as movie producers or photographers. Real professionals never take this approach to cast and it is obvious that such people have dubious character.
  1. Introducing themselves as their parents’ friend – Kidnappers often use the idea of introducing themselves as a friend or colleague of their parents and ask the child to go with them. They tell the child that they have been instructed by their parents to bring them home or that the parent is in the hospital and they were asked to bring the child over. In most cases, this happens only in the case of a kidnapping.

Conclusion Reviews feels that a little alertness from a parent’s end and a little awareness from the child’s end can go a long in preventing kidnappers from doing harm to society. We should always be on the lookout and stay alert to protect ourselves and our children.