MRI has a wide range of application in medical hospitals and diagnostic centre. It is also said that there are 2500+ scanners available in the hospitals of all over the world. MRI strongly affects diagnosis and treatment of all the medical areas. But it doesn’t always mean that the result of an MRI scan will always be positive only.MRI plays very important role in diagnosis, staging and follow up of other tumours.

Experts use MRI over CT for MRI scans, because MRI offers better visualisation of posterior cranial fossa, which contains brain stem and cerebellum. Here is the list of various uses of MRI:

1.Cardio vascular diseases: Earlier, doctors would use other imaging techniques like echo cardiography, cardiac CT etc. for heart disease detection. But now they strongly depend upon magnetic resonance imaging for various vascular and congenital heart diseases like, myocarditis, cardiomyopathies, etc,.

2. Musculoskeletal problems: Magnetic resonance imaging is also used in musculoskeletal system. It’s application include spinal imaging. MRI is used for assessment of joint diseases like arthritis, and soft tissue tumors.

3. Liver and gastrointestinal diseases: A special type of MR, known as hepatobiliary MR is generally used for detection and characterization of the lesions of liver, pancreas, and bile ducts.Extra cellular contrast agents are widely used in liver MRI. Other newer hepatobiliary contrast agents provide surgeons and experts the opportunity to perform biliary function imaging.

4. Angiography: Angiography, which is commonly known as magnetic resonance angiography, is used generate pictures of the arteries. Generating pictures will help doctors to evaluate arteries for stenosis and aneurysms, which are the two common problems of arteries. In aneurysms the dilatation and risk of rupture of arteries happens. While in stenosis abnormal narrowing of arteries takes place. These are the two most common problems of arteries, and MRA is generally performed to evaluate the arteries of neck, brain, renal artery and abdominal aorta. Various other imaging techniques are also used to capture the images of artery. Some of them include; administration of a paramagnetic contrast agents etc.

5. Anatomical structure: MRI is also used for imaging anatomical structures, and blood flow. And for that no contrasting agents, or blood provider natural contrast is required. But for other type of imaging, exogenous contrast agents are given to patients either orally or by through other means. These agents are very safe and have proved to be safer than iodinated contrast agents which are used in X-ray, radiography and computed tomography.

So if you have any type of diseases; cancer, arthritis, or any disease you can go for MRI if your doctor asked you to. There are a lot of MRI centres being available in every part of India and all over the world. You can also go for MRI scan in Yehlankaand other small cities of India. The MRI scan centres at cities like Kalyan is also possible. You can go for MRI scan in Jayanagar as well. There are various best MRI centres in all part of India. If your doctor has suggested you to go for MRI scan, you can ask him which centre to visit. You can also ask your friends or peers if they have ever done an MRI scan. And then go only. Because, when it comes to health, one should never take risk.