While going for a journey or taking days off for a vacation people want every part of it to remain in their memory. This is only possible when things start going perfect and once people are more used to this opportunity they can start focusing on ways to make it better. This definitely includes the essence of great food in a moving train which is an important part of the journey. Lunch and dinner in any vacation must be phenomenal even if that is on a moving train. Therefore railways have offered the best facility for the people as they are able to order mouth-watering dishes which people of all ages are going to love. Eating the perfect diet is a choice of many people and here they can enjoy tasty food while in a moving train.

Long List of Dishes Available For The Passengers At Their Seats

This food delivery facility is so prompt that the people are going to enjoy ordering. The choices of dishes include various types and from the major junction station, the food is going to be delivered. Thus it is going to be freshly prepared food for the person and the best part about the app definitely is that food is delivered to the customer at their seat. This makes this application irresistible and more people are using this app along their journey.

No person likes to have stale food which is prepared hours ago brought from their home while travelling. They need the specific dishes that they would love having any time and fresh food always tastes the best. Thus using the new travelkhana application for Food on Train is definitely worth a try. Many people are using the new application just for their love for food. With the push of a button freshly made food is at their seat.

There is definitely a long list of dishes which attracts so many customers. Customers who are planning to make the most out of their love for food will be enjoying the delicacies. This includes some of the commonest dishes from Indian and Chinese cuisine. These are some fast food items which people love to eat including Biryani, Aloo Paratha and many more. With such a variety it is easier for people to try different dishes at different stages of the journey.

Thus food lovers are going to have a great train ride and till they reach their destination all they can eat will be available for them. Therefore while moving forward with the journey, people are going to be able to experience something better. This makes the train ride one of the best things to experience and that is why more people are travelling this way.


Countless dishes in a small span of time making it easier to choose a dish. This makes the process simpler creating room for even better choices of lunch and dinner. The menu is created in such a way that people would keep getting their favourite dish always on the menu.