None of us wants to receive unwanted messages. However, we do not like to miss important updates like our bank balance, PNR status, and information on orders or other important kinds of messages that are not exactly promotional. Now, you can opt for receiving only messages that are important to you and stop receiving unwanted promotional messages. The best part of transactional messages is that they are not promotional. These messages are sent to the customers in order to pass important information regarding their offered services. Another benefit if these kinds of messages is that the customers receive these messages even when they have activated the do not disturb mode.

There are certain differences between transactional messages and promotional messages. The main difference is that promotional messages are used to promote some brands or services. These messages will be stopped to be received by the customers if they activate the do not disturb feature. However, transactional messages do not promote anything and works over do not disturb. Transactional messages are mainly used by banks to inform their customers about their accounts or by online companies to let their customers to know about the status of their ordered products.

Using transactional message services are quite benefitting. The primary benefit is that these kinds of messages have made the process of sending urgent messages to people a lot easier as these types of messages offer 100% instant delivery rate. Moreover, these types of messages can be sent at anytime and from anywhere. Time or place does not work as a constraint here. These messages also come with the option of push delivery.

In order to avail the transactional message service you need to have a delivery ratio that is high. Your delivery report will need to be real time and the SMS delivery should be fast. Having these will enable you to be eligible for getting transactional message services.

Transactional messages can be used for various purposes like educational purpose, passing on of personal financial information, informing the customer about fund transfer and providing e-commerce information.

If you want to know transactional SMS price in India then you will have to find the best transactional SMS provider in India. In order to find companies that will provide you with transactional SMS service you will need to search the internet or else ask for recommendations from your known circle. If the recommendations do not prove to be good enough for you then you can always rely on the internet. After availing a list of companies that provide such services you will need to compare among them to pick to best one. You can compare the companies in terms of their years of experience, their expertise and also on their quality of provided service.

After picking up a single company from the list you will have to do some more research on the company. You must make sure that the company has previously served clients in a successful manner. You should also check the pricing of the company and compare it with your budget.