There are several things to consider when designing custom printed retail packaging to play to the soul of your customer. For example, if your product is inherently tangible, the packaging should be clear and easy to understand before customers pick it up. On the other hand, if you sell cosmetics or groceries, your packaging needs to be authentic and fun. Bright colours, gradients and patterns are great for packaging. And it should be noted that some colours have historical significance. One way to play with the customer’s soul is to include photos. While they may not be the best source for stunning custom cosmetic boxes, using a picture of the product in the box will help customers decide whether to buy it or not. Use an optimised image on a white background to tell the reader what the product is about.

Cosmetic companies offer their eyeshadow palettes under different brands, each unique. As a customer, you will pay attention to and buy your cosmetic products when packaged in high-quality, personalised cosmetic packaging boxes because the packaging is very effective. Customers will also repurchase custom cosmetic boxes if they like them the most. The increased visibility of attractive packaging allows you to generate more sales. In addition, customers will be more impressed using a custom packaging design and style. As a result, your item is highly rated by customers. Thanks to the great packaging, your brand articles ensure a first-class customer shopping experience.

A recent study found only items with distinctive packaging and good looks sold. The real question now is what makes one package stand out. You don’t need to go the extra mile to make your eyeshadow box stand out.

Add Surprises to Grab the Attention of Customers

Adding a small gift to your printed custom cosmetic boxes will delight your customers. They don’t have to be fancy, but stickers with your company logo will do, too. In addition, adding a surprise to the box will help customers remember you while making the gift work. For example, cosmetic customers will receive two surprises: a handwritten note and a gift in the box. Most cosmetic retailers are offering such services.

Adding an element of surprise to your custom printed cosmetic packaging is a great way to increase brand awareness. Consumers who use the Internet regularly may not notice the usual shipping boxes. So adding a logo or company name to your box will help get your business noticed by a wider audience. It can also encourage repeat purchases of your product.

Using Colour Psychology to Market Your Products

Using colour psychology is a powerful tool for marketing your business or product. It helps customers associate certain emotions with different products, increasing sales. Incorporating these techniques into your custom cosmetic boxes can boost your business. Colour psychology has once again proven to be an effective marketing strategy.

It is prove that 85% of buyers base their buying decisions on colour. Choose a colour that suits your brand, presentation and colour scheme. For example, green shampoo can be served under a foundation with white accents to accentuate its cleansing properties. Insurance sales teams can display their cards in acrylic cube card holders with blue accents to remind them of reliable service.

A Solid Packaging Solution for Cosmetic Marketing

Generating excitement with custom printed retail packaging is a powerful way to promote your brand. With simple marketing techniques, you can increase your social media following with just a few collateral materials. Even if you may not have the budget for paid advertising, you can still make an impact with other media, such as flyers, direct mail, and bumper stickers. People don’t like attending events inviting them to look at bad dancers, so why would you do that to your audience?

A recent study showed that branded packaging is essential in pleasing customers. It has been reported that 40% of online shoppers will recommend a brand when they receive a product in well-designed packaging, and these shoppers are more likely to share their experience on social media. Making a splash with a custom lipstick box is one way to harness the power of packaging to promote your brand. In the world of e-commerce, consumers are increasingly focusing on the unboxing experience, and that’s where colour comes in.

Get People Close to Your Product

Well-designed custom cosmetic boxes can help people get closer to the product. For example, die-cut windows allow customers to see and feel the product. Similarly, cut windows enable customers to try products before they buy. Ultimately, this increases the likelihood that the customer will buy the product. And if they are ever unsure about a product, they can see it and feel it without opening the box and trying it out.

While personal touchpoints are great for personal interaction, custom printed display boxes are a great way to ensure customer exposure to your brand and products. For example, your brand’s packaging boxes can help convey a gift-like experience and evoke emotion. While some products are too expensive to print on the outside, you can tuck crumpled paper confetti or wrapping paper inside the box to convey luxury and a whole box. If your business sells e-commerce products, consider adding a sticker with your brand logo on the packaging.