Pune is a city with full of life and events. We can also say that Pune is a center that connects us with all the important cities. It has a lot of tourist attractions in less than 100 kilometers from Pune. Apart from being the tourist attraction, the climate is also one of the major reasons why people move to Pune and settle there.

Apart from this, it is also famous for education and career. A lot of people move to Pune to look for a good education and career. Without disappointing them, Pune has a lot of state, private and deemed universities that offer the best education for students. There are a lot of international schools also in Pune. Even when it comes to work, there are many multi-national and national businesses that offer thousands of people every year job opportunities that explain why it remains one of the populous cities.

Almost all the IT companies are situated in one part of the city called Hinjewadi. People who move to Pune especially for work mostly take a pg in Hinjewadi to stay as most of the companies are situated there. Hinjewadi is a very posh area and it is very difficult to rent a house on your own to stay. So economically pg will be an ideal choice. There are pgs available at all rates depending on the facilities. You can even share the room with 2 or 3 people based on the rent.

Students might think that it is better to find a place to stay near their college as it will be easy to commute. But even if you are a student, you can always find accommodation in Hinjewadi as it has a lot of facilities and transport is also easy.

Also, since it is not located in the center of the city, it is not that difficult to commute as there will be less traffic. But as more than 2 lakhs people work in the Info-Tech parks present there, it takes little more extra time to travel in peak hours as a little bit of congestion is expected. There is also a metro facility available to commute from Hinjewadi to other parts of Pune.

Though people tend to rent a room or house near their office or college only, one must consider the factor of safety also when looking for places to stay. Considering that aspect of renting pg in Pune Hinjewadi is safer than other places. Since there are a lot of companies in Hinjewadi, even at midnight there are people on the streets either going to office or house based on their shift timings. So, we can find people around. Also, the pg owners put in extra effort and make sure to hire a watchman or security guard to take care of the pg.

So, if you were to rent a place or rent a pg in Pune, Hinjewadi will be a better choice than most of the places in Pune. Happy Staying!