A doubt that many of the loan seekers have is that “Does credit repair really work?”. It’s mainly just because of the time that gets used up because of all that effort that goes behind improving credit score. So, here we try to resolve all such doubts.

The Worth of Your Credit Score

The credit score of a business or an individual has to be on the top of its game. One never knows when he might need some money to buy an asset. Any company that provides finance on a certain rate of interest always looks for previous habits. Not having enough credit score can hinder the process of availing a loan.

How? You might ask. It’s because your past habits generally tell how you would behave like in the future. That’s how we judge a person. Right? The ones who disburse loans are only concerned with your repayment schedules. So, never doubt the power of good credit score and the ability of bad credit to bring you down.

Is Credit Repair a Viable Option?

It’s the most important question to be addressed here. And we think the answer is a firm yes. As it all starts with bad credit, one doesn’t know the exact steps to take. It’s about hitting the right spot with the utmost force. Only an organization that knows the process of rebuilding credit after bankruptcy can find you the right direction to move. It’s something for which research daily and it won’t mess up the process.

On the other hand, there’s a chance that you flog a dead horse while thinking self-repair may work. It will be a coincidence if it works for you. However, you know the odds of coincidences doing wonders for you.

How does it work then?

When anyone knows how to rebuild credit, there is some technical jargon that comes in use. However, we won’t open that box of technicalities. We will just try to explain the process of credit repair in layman’s terms and look for effectiveness.

  • The credit repair companies drag your credit report from one of the reporting agencies of the country. These reporting agencies have all the data that sums up your credit score.
  • They find out the issues that you had from the past and ask for some supporting documents that reflect on the report. These documents can be with you or the agencies.
  • They look for some disputes that influence your report and file them for correction.
  • The credit reporting agency then looks into the matter and if your arguments are correct, they collect the information and hence, your credit score boosts up.

Remember, accurate information cannot be corrected in any case. So, the process of auditing the information has to be very careful. Is there something you can do by yourself? Unless and until you are trained to do so, you will be depending on coincidences.

How long does it take?

Now, this question can also be divided into some parts.

  • First of all, disputed/inaccurate information on the report can vary according to the intensity. It generally takes 5 to 10 days to get your credit report
  • After that, some formalities have to be fulfilled to file inaccurate information as per the laws. The credit repair agency fulfills them on your behalf.
  • Then, the main cause of worry is the reporting agency digging into the matter regarding the argument made by the company on your behalf. This process generally takes about 30 to 45 days.
  • To sum up, the process of credit repair can take up to 2 months to reflect the results on your credit score. Make sure you show your patience regarding the matter.


Credit repair, being a sensitive matter, must be done with the assistance of a professional. Even if it takes some time, the results are quite accurately reflected in your report. And that’s what matters. Isn’t it?