The BRNO chair is delicate, timeless, and classy. It is sleekly designed, but despite its radically modernist looks, it’s extremely versatile and can adapt to many interior design themes. One might imagine that such a chair would be only used in officious areas, but the BRNO chair surprisingly pairs really well with most dining tables. So, if you want to try out some unique dining area designs, here are 5 inspirations that feature this chair. You’ll definitely love them, so let’s take a look:

  1. A small, elegant setting


This 3-seat pairing of the BRNO chair with the Tulip table looks absolutely iconic. It breaks the traditional vibe of a classic breakfast/dinner nook by being very sleek and sophisticated – but without ever compromising the comfort. The plush grey upholstery of the chairs goes well with the silver framing, and the iconic presence of the tulip table careens the overall aesthetic towards casual comfort. You can also use such a set-up in your own dining areas by using 2, 3, or even 4 chairs.

  1. Getting eclectic


The dining table set featured in this image might be full-sized and too large for most homes, but the concept behind it is very compelling. The navy blue BRNO chairs pair really well with the wood finish of the table, while the green carpet provides some great visual contrast to the whole setting. The best part? You can easily translate this setting into a more compact form within your homes!

  1. Black on black


The black-on-black aesthetic of this dining table and BRNO chair pairing is not only unique, but also extremely appealing. It takes out the variable of direct contrast, and helps utilize the backdrop materials to create visual diversity. It’s a great technique that would look stylish in any home interior design.

  1. Spicing up with rugs


This dining area is smartly designed and feels extremely attractive thanks to its clean, modern aesthetic. The glass-and-chrome table works really well with the black BRNO chair, but without the accenting of the abstract area rug, the whole space would have truly looked incomplete. The brown and white print of the rug plays in stark, beautiful contrast with the achromatic color scheme of the dining set, which elevates the whole setting two-fold.

  1. Sleek rustic


Bold and beautiful, this modern rustic dining area feels exactly on-point thanks to the excellent combination of the furniture styles. The elliptical table surface with its faux wood texture is extremely stylish on its own, but when paired with the cream colored BRNO chairs, it feels even trendier. The cantilever design of the chairs also contributes towards the graceful layouting of the space. It leaves just enough room around the table that it feels exceptionally spacious, even with the small real estate it’s spread over.

So, these are some amazing dining area inspirations featuring the BRNO chair. They’ll definitely add a unique touch to a rather conventionally designed space in most homes!