All wedding planners and soon to be married couples know that sticking to a budget for the big day is difficult, but not impossible. Couples who want to keep their expenses low tend to cut out wedding favors as a whole, which can be sad. Instead of giving up that small thank you gift at the end of the wedding, why not be smart about it?

Consider these tips when buying wedding favors so you don’t have to worry about going beyond your set budget:

1 – Cut Back On The Total Number

It is impractical to give each guest a wedding favor. Save on the cost by giving one favor for each couple or family that attends the wedding. You’ll be surprised by how much this trick can keep the cost down.

2 – Beach wedding Christmas ornaments

Destination weddings can be expensive all on its own. As a way to thank your guests for traveling, give them personalized ornaments that reflect the destination as a remembrance as well as a souvenir.

3 – Just Married Picture Frame Ornament

Give your parents and your new parents-in-law a special wedding Christmas ornament that has a picture of you and your spouse as their very own wedding favor.

4 – Glitter Ornament

Give your guests a good reason to hang the ornament wedding favor by choosing something that has a festive glitter design.

5 – Avoid Putting Favors On The Table

Instead of putting one favor on each seat at the table, set up a table where guests can get one if they want. This lessens the chances of over-ordering ornaments and favors some won’t bring home.

6 – Choose Meaningful Favors

Personalized ornaments are very meaningful compared to other favor choices. This attention to detail will make guests feel special and they are more likely to appreciate the favor.

7 – Useful And Practical Favors

Useful wedding favors are better than those that will only end up gathering dust. Choosing a classing ball wedding ornament allows guests to hang it up on their tree during the holidays.

8 – Favors For The Sake Of Favors

Forcing yourself to choose favors because it is expected will feel impersonal. If you aren’t the type of give out favors at the end of the wedding, don’t. There’s no shame in that.

9 – Long-Lasting Favors

An advantage of wedding ornaments as favors is how they can be used for years. Guests you share a close bond with will use the ornaments as part of their decor for years to come.

10 – Year-Round Favors

Something like the dancing couple ornament can be used and displayed all year long, not just during the holidays. It’s a nice and generic touch that your guests will be happy to take home and put on display.

11 – Get One For Yourself

A wedding gown and tux ornaments are perfect for your own use. Don’t let the guests get all of the favors, keep one for yourself as a reminder of your big day.

A wedding Christmas ornament is a great way to remember your bond with your partner or a great way to announce to family and friends that you’re tying the knot! Check us out at Ornaments With Love.