Once in the middle of an ordinary life love gave us a fairytale

Have you found your prince charming? Planning to settle to tie the knots of love with him? Congratulations to you on having found your perfect soulmate. What next? Upon getting engaged the very first thing that crosses a couples mind is booking of the wedding venue. The wedding venue is the place that plays host to the myriad of wedding rituals and ceremonies. It is the place where the dream of a fairytale wedding transforms into a reality.

Have you always believed in the concept of together forever? Have you been fascinated by the fairytale weddings? Why not then have one of your own? Right from farmhouses, barns to palaces and heritage hotels a plethora of wedding venue choices are available in the wedding market. From amongst the available choices selecting the ideal one is a dainty task. Are you planning to tie the nuptial knot in the industrial hub of Punjab? Planning for having a grand Punjabi wedding? You must be then in quest of best wedding venues in chandigarh. Wondering how to find the perfect venue one that matches with your idea of a wedding? Worry not as we have got your back. Here we have brought for you a guide enlisting the different types of available wedding venues and also tips for how you can find the perfect dream wedding venue. Check it out lovebirds.

7 Types Of Popular Wedding Venues

  1. House of Worship

A wedding is a religious occasion, it is the celebration of the joining of two souls and two families in the bond of togetherness. What else would serve as better venue than a house of worship? The house of worship is the first wedding venue choice for Indian weddings. Be it a temple, Church, Gurudwara or Mosque exchanging the vows of eternity in the celestial locations enhances the auspiciousness of the occasion. If your one of those religious couples planning for having a traditional wedding then gurudwara serves as the perfect wedding venue selection. The impressive architecture and the divinity of the place would add oomph to your wedding.

  1. Hotel

When it comes to weddings hotels come as a natural preference. No matter whether your having a budget wedding or a grand one the hotels serve as the most sought after wedding venue choice. For couples expecting guests from out of town the hotel serve as an ideal venue as the guests can have their stay at the wedding venue itself then. On site stay at the wedding venue eradicates the need of transportation services and it makes the wedding convenient. If you’re planning for a themed wedding then the hotels also enable you to host a rehearsal dinner evenings.

  1. Banquet Halls

Being on the posh side the banquet halls serve as the perfect venue for hosting a regal wedding. Fulfill your dream of having a fairytale wedding as you tie the knots of love in a banquet hall. With majestic interiors, gleaming floors, customizable architecture, impeccable service and polite, efficient staff the banquet halls undoubtedly serve as the ideal wedding venue selection. The opulent aura with the magnificent layout of the banquet hall leaves an indelible impression on the wedding guests.

  1. Farmhouse

Are you dreaming for having a rustic wedding? Then a farmhouse serves as perfect wedding venue selection. The cosy atmosphere paired with the country styled backdrop and dramatic surroundings makes the farmhouse the ideal rustic wedding venue selection. The woodland elegance of the farmhouses paired with the ability of customization makes it perfect for hosting an intimate wedding ceremony of bespoke beauty.

  1. Palaces

Give a royally ever-after to your wedding as you get hitched in a palace or fort. Allure in the old world charm as you opt for a regal wedding in a palace. Walk down the aisle like a queen hand in hand with your king with a palace wedding. The lofty towers, impressive architecture, eminent lighting of the palace lets you to have your own fairytale wedding.

  1. Cruise

Let love take you to places. Imagine taking the vows of eternity under the clear sky in the middle of ocean waters, sounds dreamy, right! A cruise wedding is a symbol of romance and although proves to be an expensive affair but the experience is worth it. A cruise wedding serves as the perfect choice for those seeking to get hitched in a luxurious way.

  1. Home

Do you have a beautiful home one that has space for a seating capacity for your invitees then why not have a home wedding? A home wedding makes your special day an intimate affair and it also brings down the cost of your wedding. A home wedding also enables you to customize it accordingly.

Trust us nothing feels worse than being stranded in a cramped wedding venue. A wedding venue should offer ample amount of space to the wedding guests for moving around. Book a wedding venue keeping in the number of footfall of the guests that you’re expecting.

Which wedding venue type are you bookmarking? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.