We all have our favourite playlists on our phone based on our preferences, moods and most importantly, our feelings. If you ever find a person’s playlist full of Arijit Singh songs and a Google search history flashing of Arijit Singh songs download; then chances are that the person has a broken heart.And,he or she is currently in the emotional zone where only ‘ChannaMereya’ or ‘HamariAdhuriKahani’ can offer peace of mind.

It is common to find broken hearts finding their solace in music. And, what is more interesting is that is works most of the time. Not only for breakups but it is also found useful during the loss of a loved one and during major disruptions in relationships.

Sometimes it is about the heart-crushing lyrics, sometimes about the soulful musical yet the emotionally sad tune, or sometimes it is about the person that comes to your mind when you hear a particular song.

Do you ever feel after hearing certain songs that just how accurately they relate to your situation? Well, it’s the same for heartbreak songs or as we call them- the breakup songs. Sometimes, the sad vibe and tune of the song are just enough to set the mood. The cycle is the same- Breakup, a few days of denial or loathing the entire world, then heading for the latest Bollywood songs download particularly in the sad category and getting immersed in the melodies to escape the real world.

Heartbreaks are so common that music industries across the globe are brimming full with a collection of sad songs. Songs catering to breakups, sadness, hurt, pain,you name it and you’ll have it.

It has been observed that music helps in healing a broken heart. Seems like people connect to such music instantly, during these situations. People also seem to shed tears while listening to songs that they once used to listen with their partners.

On any normal day, you wouldn’t bother much to pay attention to the lyrics. But, it is sort of funny how every detail in the music gets your attention during such times.

This is the power of music. Music not only helps you and supports you in this worst phase of your life, but it also pulls you out of the vicious cycle. It will be slow, but you will surely get there-to a better place.

This will finally be evident when your songs download history shows a different category of songs and when your playlist is more energetic, refreshing, and shows that you’re once again ready to take on the world, and have moved.

So, remember next time if you are the one with a broken heart,  use music as the healing therapy that it is known for. You will not only move on to the recovery phase faster, but will also have an increased musical repertoire. Music most definitely has the key to your happiness.