Apps are something that make our lives easier. With just a click of a button, you can do numerous tasks. They are really easy to use and can store a lot of information. Weddings being one of the most special days in your life, require a lot of planning. Have you ever wondered how apps can make this process easier? If not, a few companies have thought about it and have created some really amazing wedding apps to make the wedding planning process much easier.

Here are some  of the wedding apps I found to be really useful :

#1. Guested

Guested, as the name suggests is an app that helps you stay on top of guest logistics. It is a progressive web app created by Wedding Wishlist. The wedding app helps you manage the pickups, drop offs, room assignments and even special requests of your guests with just a click. Now, you need not have to break your head over the various transport requirements and keep track of people’s arrival and departures  with spreadsheet after spreadsheet  as guested will just do it for you!

#2. Vowed

Vowed is another progressive web app created by Wedding Wishlist. This was created to help you stay in touch with your guests and create a community with them. You can send messages, make announcements, and share images or videos with your guest list. This’ll help make your guests feel like they are part of the journey, even though they couldn’t make it to your wedding!

#3. Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner as the name suggests is a wedding Planner App by The Knot. With a personalized checklist, the app lets you stay on top of things and browse vendors and even contact them through the app. Everything related to planning like choosing the vendors, assigning tasks and even finding venue can be done through the wedding app. The only hiccup is that it can be used only in U.S.

#4. Honeyfund Wedding Registry

Honeyfund Wedding Registry app is created by Honeyfund, who are one of the most popular wedding gift registry providers out there. They have come up with the registry app to give you a much easier experience when it comes to adding products and sharing the registry. You can share the registry automatically with your guests through the app.

#5. Wedding lookbook

Wedding lookbook is one of the amazing wedding apps created by the Knot. It allows you to search for your wedding dress online, see which store has it nearby and even provides contact  numbers and enables you to book an appointment with them. finding the perfect wedding dress can be as difficult as finding the perfect man, but this app just makes it a lot easier!

So, this brings it to the end of my list. Some of the wedding apps on the list are free while you need to pay for some. But I’m sure these apps will definitely help you in having the perfect wedding while making the wedding planning process easier for you! Happy Planning!