Are you tired of depressing TV shows based on real life? Do you want some entertainment that takes you away from true-crime detective stories and courtroom dramas? If so, look no further for your next binge-worthy show than DC’s Stargirl. Learn all you need to know about this 2020 show, and then catch up on the first season before the second one debuts in 2021.

Production Staff

Stargirl is produced by a variety of companies, including DC Entertainment, Berlanti Productions, Warner Brothers’ Television Studios, and Mad Ghost Productions. Warner Brothers distributes the finished show, which is produced by Jennifer Lence, Trish Stanard, Rob Hardy, and James Dale Robinson. The executive producer is the expert comic-based storyteller Geoff Johns.

With a soundtrack by Pinar Toprak and cinematography by Scott Peck, Christopher Manley, and Michael Karasick, you can rest assured that the production quality of the show is the highest possible.


The cast of Stargirl is the perfect combination of old favorites and new or rising stars. Brec Bassinger plays the main character, and while she’s been in a few shows and movies before, this is one of her first leading parts. You may recognize her from Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs or Hulu’s All Night. Other young actors and actresses include Yvette Monreal, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano, Anjelika Washington, and Jake Austin Walker. Next to these emerging talents are old hands such as Neil Jackson, Amy Smart, Christopher James Baker, and Luke Wilson. Enjoy the refreshing combination of old and new talent and find your new favorite actor by watching Stargirl.


Understanding the plot of Stargirl is much easier if you’re already familiar with the DC Universe, but it’s still enjoyable on its own. The show takes place ten years after the Injustice Society of America defeated most of the Justice Society of America. However, one superhero survived: Starman’s sidekick, who also happens to be Courtney Whitmore’s stepfather. Courtney learns the truth about her stepfather when she finds Starman’s Cosmic Staff in her basement. As members of the ISA continue to wreak havoc on the United States, Courtney begins to reunite the different members of her stepfather’s old organization.

Even though the show focuses on superheroes, it’s also about high school. Courtney is a sophomore, and she finds high school as challenging as every other teenager. Now, though, Courtney must struggle to balance her role as Stargirl with her ordinary life as a student. Every current and past high schooler can identify with her struggles.


Stargirl has been popular since its initial release, with around one million people watching each new episode’s airing. The show has an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and most reviewers agree that it’s excellent for family TV nights. Critics argue that those who love origin stories and coming-of-age narratives will find what they’re looking for in Stargirl, especially with the addition of a strong female cast. For parents looking to bond with their children, promote healthy relationships, and get to know a new superhero, Stargirl is the answer.

How to Watch Stargirl

So far, only one season of Stargirl has aired, but the second is being produced. You can find all thirteen of the first season’s episodes for free on the CW, or with a subscription on DC Universe’s streaming platform. YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and similar services offer the show for a small fee.

Out of the countless streaming options available to you, shake things up by watching Stargirl on your next TV night. You’ll quickly become hooked on the relatable characters and fast-paced story, and you’ll eagerly await the second season.