Mikimoto kokichi was a Japanese entrepreneur who is credited with creating the first cultural pearl, and his invention led to the establishment of the industry of cultural pearls. If people know about pearls, then it is kind of mandatory for them to know about Mikimoto Pearls.

Mikimoto is a brand name selling Akoya Pearls hence directly called as Mikimoto Pearls. These pearls are the way to luxurious and authentic. These pearls are considered to be the Roll Royce of Pearl Industry. Mikimoto was not only the first developer of these cultural Akoya Pearls but also the master presenter and brand maker of these pearls.

Mikimoto starts the process of manufacturing his products and also selling it by opening a jewelry store in 1900. By 1908, he established a factory for the making of blister pearl jewelry.

Creating Pearl is a fascinating process that needs precision and dedication. Prized for their brilliant luster and rich color, the Mikimoto Pearls or the Akoya cultural pearls are a traditional symbol of beauty and elegance. They are produced by Japan’s Akoya oysters.

Features of Mikimoto Pearls:

  • Lustre– Only the highest quality pearl with the superior glow gets the Mikimoto tag name. As Mikimoto provides the best quality of pearls for customization.
  • Surface– The surface texture is perfect with those tiny marks and blemishes that it naturally gains over the course of making denoting high quality.
  • Shape– There is different types of shapes available. Round ones are the rarest of all. Shapes range from flat to bottom to teardrop to many other unique types.
  • Colour– Depending on the type of oyster producing it, color ranges from pink rose to grey to black to green to gold, which is the rarest of all types.
  • Size– It does not affect the quality of the pearl. Large pearls are difficult to cultivate, and small one happens naturally.


Each pearl that is produced is like an individual with its own biometrics. This is essential to maintain the quality and grading of pearls. These pearls are indeed the best and will always maintain their class and demeanor.