More and more players have a New 2DS XL console, and it’s already confirmed that this linker is cracked by an R4 3DS card and a Sky3DS+. They support free games on the latest update 3DS and New 2DS XL 11.11.0-43E. So we’re going to buy R4 3DS or a Sky3DS+ linker to crack 3DS and New 3DS, 2DS XL consoles in France and Belgium? Today you can find the solution.

R4 3DS on New 2DS XL

R4 3DS is one of the most traditional flashcard to hack Nintendo consoles, like the old DS, DS Lite, DSi; and the new New 2DS XL, New3DS XL, 3DS and 2DS consoles. He went out to play DS games on DS until version 1.4.5E. But with the Nintendo 3DS update, an R4i 3DS card can directly hijack free DS games on a 3DS console in version 11.10.0-43E.

Here are some popular R4 3DS cards in France:

R4i Gold Pro

The group of relaunches the latest version of R4 f. Now they have the R4i 2019 Gold Pro, 2019 R4i Dual Core 3DS and 2019 R4i SDHC RTS Lite. From what we know now, you can run DS games on New 2DS XL with a 2019 R4i Gold Pro card, you can even run home files and media files, and you can listen to music, watch videos with this R4 Gold card.

That’s right, R4i Gold Pro is a cheap 3DS hacking card. Buy it with a price of 16 Euros, you can play thousands of DS games, GBA / SNES / NES ROMs. It supports micro sd/SDHC with memory space to save downloaded game ROMs and other files. You can not just put the DS / GBA / SNES / NES games in the SD card for R4i Gold Pro but DS homebrews, various emulators, etc. In a nutshell, R4i Gold 2017 is a magical linker for your Nintendo New 2DS XL to support unlimited things!


First of all, these two cards are very different, and the R4 3DS card is a flashcard for reading free DS games, it does not read free 3DS games. However, a Sky3DS+ flashcard only play free 3DS games, it does not support DS games.

  • Sky3DS+ is a new linker that only supports 3DS games, an R4 3DS card is an old linker to play unlimited DS games.
  • R4 3DS supports games with functions, like RTS, cheat code, homebrew, etc. And Sky3DS Plus does not have these functions.
  • R4 3DS is free region to play free DS games, but Sky3DS+ is region lock, so you can not play 3DS Japanese games on a European console.
  • R4 3DS supports GBA and SNES games with an emulator, however, Sky3DS+ does not play GBA games, but it can run CIA games.
  • R4 3DS RTS is cheaper than Sky3DS+.


If you like to play 3DS games, then a Sky3DS+ card is a very good choice in France, if you prefer to play NDS games for free, then an R4i Gold card will be your best option that is not expensive at all on