Food tour organized in any country is a wonderful experience. People get to know about the local culture and they taste by relishing dishes prepared by the local folk. These dishes can made by using modern methods of cooking or using more traditional but better method of cooking which gives the dish a more unique aroma and taste. Company organizing such food tours ensure that the food served is safe to eat. It is their moral duty. These food tours can include a variety of activities like:
1. Food tours where a renowned chef accompanies the tourists in their whole journey.
2. Photo walks where tourists are shown around the place for clicking some unique pictures.
3. Sightseeing
4. Exploration activities
5. Cooking lessons/classes
Out of all the activities under food tour, cooking classes are the most sought after by the tourists as they get hands on experience to prepare the same dishes they have savored in their food tour. These cooking classes are taught by the most renowned chefs of the region with years of experience in the cooking field. Tourists get an opportunity to share the knowledge they have acquired of the recipes of the local dishes with their friends and family. New Delhi food tours in India are famous for their rich heritage and wonderful cuisines.
Cooking classes in Delhi teaches about some important ingredients which make dishes in Delhi so savory. They get to learn about certain secrets which chefs in India use in order to make their dishes so unique. These cooking teach a variety of dishes ranging from a simple Parantha to a more dish like chicken tikka masala. Tourists can choose between a vegetarian and non vegetarian course according to their preference. Upon their departure, they receive a hamper full of popular spices and recipes. People can opt for various types of cooking classes depending upon their need. These may include following:
1. Short term course:
This type of cooking classes is best for tourists are on a time crunch. They teach few of the most favorite dishes which local people love to eat. These classes may last for 4-5 hours depending upon the type of food recipe taught. Indian dishes taught may include:
• masala chai/lassi
• Paranthas with the recipe of different chutneys.
• Snacks like Poha, pulao and pakoras.
• Sweets like Revari, halwa and the famous Rabri
These cooking classes include all the main dishes which can together make a great Indian meal friends and family. Some advanced cooking ideas are also imparted in order to get the best out of a small period.

2. Multi course meal program:
Under this type of program, tourists are given a more in depth knowledge of the Indian food and recipes. They are taught a wide range of dishes according to their preferences. They can even opt for an additional dish according to their own choice which is generally not part of the course. Tourists get enough knowledge to make multi course meal.

Food dishes taught are similar to short course but with option to widen the range from simple dishes to more unique traditional dishes like Nihari which is a type of soup made by cooking meat on a low flame for hours to ensure the best taste. One must enroll himself/herself in the best cooking classes in Delhi for a satisfied food tour. These food tours along with the classes make their visit to India worthwhile.