There is no such thing as a one size fits all hood fire suppression system for businesses. The level of fire protection is different for every business, even if they belong to the same industry. One commercial kitchen is not the same as another, which means the fire protection system in place is also different in their own ways.

With this in mind, it makes it doubly difficult for business owners to choose the right fire suppression system to install. Here are a few considerations worth looking into before investing in a fire protection system of your own:

Fire Extinguishers

There is no doubt that all businesses should have fire extinguishers as the first line of defense against an active. These should be placed in easily accessible areas that are easy to reach. Every employee must know how to use the extinguishers correctly to ensure they know how to respond to an emergency without panicking.

Small and portable extinguishers should be located all over the place of business so that response time is not affected.

Emergency Signs And Lighting

All emergency exits should be labeled properly because, in the event of a fire, this is how people will leave the building. All lights should also have backup lighting in case the power is affected. These should be used along with signs that direct people where to turn and must be visible even from a lower angle.

All buildings should also invest in a fire exit map that is unique to their floor plan to ensure everyone knows where to proceed in case of an emergency.

Fire Alarms

Of course, all businesses must have fire and smoke alarms in place. Once it is triggered, this will inform everyone to quickly exit the building by following the signs. Doing regular fire drills where everyone participates ensures that people will know where to go, what to do, and where to gather during a real evacuation scenario.

It is normal for people to panic during an emergency, but with enough drills and training the majority of those in the building will remain calm and safely exit instead of causing a stampede.

Fire Sprinkler System

All businesses should invest in a state of the art, fire sprinkler system. The fire sprinklers can be activated as soon as a fire or smoke is detected or it can be delayed in case of a false alarm. The experts in fire suppression can help your business set it up according to your preference.

A sprinkler system is very effective, but it can also cause a lot of damage. Take the time to consider whether this is the right fire suppression system for your business.

Planning And Designing Takes Effort

Whether your business requires a sprinkler system or just fire alarms to alert people, having some form of fire protection system in place is a must. While it may not be easy to choose a hood fire suppression system it is a must to have one installed in your place of business. Choose wisely as the right system will help save lives and prevent excessive fire damage.

A hood fire suppression system can save your commercial kitchen from disasters. Let us tell you about your options. Contact Westminster Fire today!