Life is all about many opportunities. A player needs to know where to look for that opportunity. Chances always knock on our door. We must turn those opportunities into the fortune.

Toto 4D sports is one of the most popular lotteries played in Malaysia. Malaysia’s 4D Toto game can be your golden ticket to the big jackpot and you can win a massive winning. So, dare to win this fun game and make your fortune. Opportunity is here!

About Malaysia’s star Toto:

Malaysia’s star Toto is one of the widely played Malaysian lotto games. This is the new game that was started on 21st October 2017. Earlier it was popular with the name Malaysia Grand Toto game.

Here in the following, we will learn everything about the Jackpot Toto game.

The player needs to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 50. The lottery draws 6 numbers and an additional bonus number from its pool of 50 lotto numbers.

Jackpot Toto game has the lowest number field and also the best odds of the 3 pick-6 games in Malaysia.

Toto 4D Malaysia:

Thailand’s government had established Sports Toto Malaysia in 1969. This lotto game includes many games like Toto 4D, Toto 4D Jackpot, Supreme Toto 6/58, Power Toto 6/55, Star Toto 6/50, Toto 5D and Toto 6D.

The rate of the ticket is 1 Ringgit but if someone wants to play with a big amount, then they can bet large wagers too.

The players must be over 21 years old to play in the lottery.

Games rules of Toto:

To play this game, you need to select 4D numbers from 0000-9999. Then place it to be your luckiest number that can make you win a big prize. You can place it at any of the authorized counters.

This lottery game has 23 sets of 4D numbers across 3 prizes categories which will be drawn daily. You will win prizes if will place a bet on any of the winning 4D numbers.

You can bet the minimum amount is 10 Malaysian Ringgit.

What are the winning odds in Malaysia’s star Toto?

The odds of winning in this game is the first prize Star Toto jackpot is 1 in 15,890,700.

How to win Toto Lotto?

The lottery numbers in this game drawn randomly. But those randomly drawn numbers form patterns that can be traced and used to our benefit. If we will analyze all the drawing numbers since 1955 in all past toto results of over 200 different lotto games around the world, we come to the following conclusion.

– That is most possible, happens very often.

– That is least possible, happens least often.

The key to winning toto lotto number selection methods is playing the most probabilities. If you enjoy this game with a particular pattern that happens only 5% of the time, you can expect that patters to lose 95% of the time. And it will give you no chance to win 95% of the time, so it is recommended that you do not buck the probabilities.