Ever go shopping, get home and wonder what you really got for the money you spent? Or worse, you are invited to a special event and you suddenly realize that you have very little time to prepare, and absolutely NOTHING satisfying to wear? The reality is that these occurrences could happen to anyone, but seldom occur to the true fashionistas. Why? Because we understand and follow (almost religiously) these 5 simple yet essential rules for shopping:

  1. Only Buy What You Love – If it doesn’t make your heart sing, you probably don’t need that thing. Lasting value comes from finding those unique pieces that look amazing on your figure while giving you a rush every time you put them on. Indifference, on the other hand, is what inevitably leads to “closet kill” (the style equivalent to roadkill) rather quickly and will most likely end up cluttering your closet. So, similar to the rules of serious dating, learn to discriminate and let your heart set the standard.
  2. Buy It When You See It! – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a fabulous wardrobe. Your ideal closet is oftentimes the result of “the right time at the right place” and for the right price. I shop often and purchase things I love when I see them. This is a habit of style stars on any budget. Whether your preference is vintage or vogue, grabbing the hot item when you see it will ensure that you are adequately prepared with stunning statement pieces, accessories and outerwear, etc., when the occasion for stepping out arises. As the adage goes, “preparation prevents poor performance” (wink). Waiting until the last minute to shop for an event (or a dinner date) is painfully exhausting, yields unsatisfactory finds, and limits the resources you have at your fingertips to create a stunning, memorable look that is uniquely your own.
  3. Know Your Silhouettes – We will devote a whole article to this later, but simply put, silhouettes are recognizable shapes of garments that are repeated and reinvented time and time again by designers. However, unless your figure has changed considerably or a trend has drastically shifted, what looked good on you yesterday probably still looks good on you today! It’s also a great way to get “The Look” for less. For example, pencil skirts and peplums were spotted all over this season’s runways and you know for a fact that these silhouettes compliment your curvaceous figure. It’s a no brainier! Grab one of each, while you’re out and about.
  4. Ask Yourself, “Will It Last?” – Know what you’re getting into with every purchase. Some items are not made to last, either in quality or design, and that’s okay as long as you’re prepared to donate it at the end of the season. Other items will last an eternity because they are classic in nature. Often times, you get what you pay for, but a low-price tag doesn’t always mean you can’t get more than your money’s worth from the garment. You just have to own what you purchase (literally and figuratively)! Sunnis are a prime example. Oliver Peoples sunglasses are my favorite brand, they’re mid-range in price, a nice make, but are made better than any other glasses I have owned. They have outlasted 3 pairs of higher priced designer glasses, so look for the quality!
  5. Always Tell Yourself the Truth – The notion of “Keeping It Real” when shopping is very important. Is the garment too tight? Is it really out of your price range? Is it too busy or the wrong colour for your skin tone? On the other hand, you may struggle with being way too critical of yourself in the fitting room. Perhaps, you have to be honest about the lovely figure you DO have and learn not to hide the lovely features that are your assets. Maybe, your questions need to sound more like… Am I hiding my beauty with this look? Do I always wear orange? Is it time for me to splurge and treat myself to something nice? Wherever you are on the honesty spectrum, it’s important to combine candor with your clothing selection. It prevents something I absolutely hate, “buyer’s remorse”!