Online lottery games are big opportunity today for the users to win some fast cash effortlessly. Irish Lotto is a popular name today from Ireland. This is the national lottery game of Ireland and National Lottery Ireland is behind this game. This lottery game is attracting lottery lovers since the year 1988. Even after changing a few of the rules, the game is almost the same and equally exciting. It comes with two spin-off games too. People love this game because it comes with great prize money. The jackpot amount is too high to change your luck.

The price of the tickets has already increased but the prize money is too high so this lottery is still a popular one in Ireland. This is an interesting game to play and everyone can give it a try.

Way to play the game:

This game is all about choosing the right numbers, this is six out of 47 games and if you are playing it, you need to submit a minimum two lines for every drawing. You can choose also the additional combination numbers too.

You can choose the numbers you want as per your strategy or your choice. There is also the quick pick option that the users can choose. There is no necessity to pay more for additional prizes. You will have the raffle drawing option too.

Every week, two times the draw takes places, Saturday and Wednesday. You can buy the tickets from the reliable agents and also online from the reliable official websites of Irish Lotto. If your age is above 18 years, you can play the game or you are eligible to buy the tickets. Your prize money will be credited directly to your account. You can use PayPal, credit card or debit card all to get the money. Even the non-residents of Ireland can go for the game and can enjoy from different corners of the world. Even if you miss the big jackpot, there will be something for you always. If all your number matches with the drawing numbers, you will be the jackpot winner but even only two or three numbers match the drawing set, you will have something to win, so, giving it a try is always a wise choice. In history, the prize money hiked to 18 million dollars, which is still a record. The most amazing part about the lottery is it is legal and legitimate so anyone can try their luck with the game.


To find out the Irish lotto results Saturday or Tuesday, you need to watch the live television show first. There are some other ways also to check the result. You can visit the nearest retail stores to check the result or the best way is to take the help of internet. You will find different websites to check the withdraw results of the game and the best options are the official websites of the game.  You can use the result checkers to get the result conveniently.