One of the most popular packaging types is rigid boxes, sometimes known as setup boxes It is almost always used by premium brands for their pricy and delicate products. It is recognized for its strength, dependability, robust design, and durability. These boxes have paper inside linings. This helps keep the unwrapping process looking uniform throughout. They are typically used for board games, luxury goods, and gifts. Chipboard is used to make sturdy rigid box packaging. They can lift a lot of weight because of this. Through the use of hot stamping, embossing, debossing, coatings, and decorative features, these boxes offer several branding choices.

Two types of rigid boxes:

  1. Full finish

Such a design packs the rigid box packaging to the brim. No chipboard is left exposed in this manner. Thick chipboard is employed in a full finish. Chipboard is also used to cover the rigid boxes’ interior side. Depending on the customer, there are various finishing options for laminating this. Such packaging also includes an additional layer of wrapping. Depending on the needs of the customer, this layer can be either white or printed.

  1. Partial finish

Chipboard and wrapping are partially finished in this kind of packaging. Only the exterior of these rigid boxes is covered with wrapping. When creating a hard box with a partial finish, the Kraft or grey chipboard is left visible. This is because because they are constructed from a single chipboard piece with perforated crease lining for folding.

Styles of rigid boxes:

  1. Magnetic closures

Magnets that snap together when placed in stiff packaging can have an oddly addicting quality. Two magnets are present in rigid cardboard boxes with magnetic closures. They interlock to tightly close the box. This type of rigid box is fantastic for jewelry storage. Customers are very hesitant to toss these things away because of this. Their dependable and durable structure is another factor that prevents customers from discarding them. They are therefore a sustainable option. They are offered in common sizes.

  1. Shoulder neck rigid boxes

Such a hard box type has several layers. These rigid boxes have an additional inner layer that allows the lid to rest on top. Customers get a distinctive unwrapping experience thanks to rigid boxes with shoulder necks. This is a result of the superior packing. It is tailored to match brand colors and styles to make it more appealing.

  1. Drawer-style rigid boxes

Customers find rigid cardboard boxes with drawers to be highly alluring. This is because it has always been enjoyable to open drawers and little boxes. Match rigid boxes are another name for these types of rigid boxes. It is best to open these boxes horizontally to protect clients from injury. Additionally, it provides a sense of child safety. You can stop youngsters from opening goods that can be dangerous to them.

  1. Book-style rigid boxes

Rigid boxes in the form of books are inventive and creative. They open similarly to a hardback book, hence their name. It is created with a rounded or straight spine to feel just like a book. Magnetic fasteners are additionally included to provide the appearance of luxury packaging. Despite being fairly unusual, this packaging style can be highly beneficial for strengthening your company identity.

Advantages of rigid boxes

Companies all across the world benefit greatly from rigid box wholesale. Purchasing in bulk is always less expensive. Additionally, it provides a business with a fair amount of profit. The aesthetic of rigid boxes is both strong and opulent. Additionally, they are built with a sturdy and robust design. In this manner, even when being handled roughly during delivery, the product within is highly secured. Rigid box manufacturers construct these boxes using recyclable materials. Since they are so sturdy, even consumers can reuse them. You can keep your jewelry, cosmetics, or any other home item in it after the product has been unboxed.

Your brand has always benefited from rigid box wholesale. According to a belief, today’s consumers are more drawn to products’ packaging than their contents. This is the rationale behind why products that are packaged in printed rigid boxes sell better. They seem distinctive and appealing.

These boxes are essential for many modern enterprises. Some businesses desire to provide their clients with gifts. They choose packaging that is both attractive and functional. You may stand out and wow your clients with our customized rigid boxes. Put your logo on each box to make your company more recognizable.

Disadvantages of rigid boxes

Small to medium-sized product sizes are a great fit for printed rigid boxes. But they become less significant when it comes to extra-large sizes. Such packaging is particularly dependable for little to medium-sized products. The load on the outer layer of wrapping paper rises when it comes to a larger product. The edges are shredded as a result. The use of thicker paper with a laminated finish is always advocated to boost the tensile strength of rigid boxes.

Moreover, these boxes are a little more expensive as a result of the luxurious wrapping. Their building and production costs are significant. Because of this, not all businesses can afford to purchase them for their goods.

For your packing, rigid boxes have traditionally been regarded as the ultimate luxury. Customers can improve brand sales in such boxes. They not only look better, but rigid box manufacturers also provide clients with an engaging unboxing experience. Customers can also reuse hard packaging boxes for subsequent use in storing other household products. The benefits of these boxes outweigh the drawbacks. Your clients will be greatly impressed by their posh appearance. Additionally, due to their firmness, you don’t need to worry about the product’s safety. Rigid boxes can only handle small to medium-sized products rather than extra-large ones because every product has drawbacks.