The Nasdaq stock exchange market is famous for sharing its third tier as such, namely the Global Select Market which is found to be more exclusive in nature than the global market itself. There is a department for the review called the Nasdaq Listing Qualification Department that gets active in October of every year. The Nasdaq stock exchange market was expected to have at least three market makers in order to gain some securities also from the financial firm along with gaining profits from the side. By fulfilling all these requirements, the Nasdaq entered and made itself eligible enough to be listed in the exchange.

What is the NYSE: ARES stock?

The NYSE: ARES at is in a general term known as the Ares Management Corporation Class A Common Stock and according to today’s report it has registered the highest value of share among other stocks of the Nasdaq as such it is equivalent to 40 dollars in price and the loss that they have faced is in negative implying to its value as – 0.14 and in percentage, it is – 0.35% in total according to the report of 14th August in the year 2020.

The exchange program that the NYSE: ARES conducts is the NYSE which is currently working under the sector of Finance which is run by the industry of Investment Managers and the yearly target of the one year of the NYSE: ARES is of about 45 dollars in total. Moreover, the value of the share according to today’s report which is 14th of August in 2020 at highest is 40.37 dollar and the lowest possible value of the share has gone to 39.84 dollars so far. 460,280 is the share volume and the Average Volume Label has gone 1,047,815.

The previous close value has risen to 40.15 dollars till now and the value of the market cap of the NYSE: ARES is very high and has reached up to 5,729,827,459 which is very huge in number when compared to other stocks of the Nasdaq or Nyse as well. The value of the share on the 52-week basis which is almost equivalent to a year has been 42.40 dollars at its high and it has fallen down to 20.20 dollars so far. The P/E ratio of the NYSE: ARES is of about 80.02 in number and the forward P/E ratio for one year has been 24.19. The EPS or the Earning Per Share is marked as 0.50 dollar and the Annualized Dividend is 1.60 dollars. The ARES stock has gained its popularity due to its stock exchange program. You can check live stock quotes before stock trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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