How to save Twitter videos: Download viral videos for offline viewing? 

There are several videos that get viral regularly on social media platforms that are played and shared by many users. Before sharing people should be careful of what they are sharing to others, is it relevant or not.  

In social media, you could come across some extremely interesting and cool films. You should keep these videos since they aren’t like the typical WhatsApp forward. Nevertheless, saving videos from websites like Pinterest and Twitter is difficult.

Twitter has become a popular social media platform with millions of users from different countries where the viral videos can be found by searching the trending hashtags. There are different categories of posts in twitter such as trending, entertainment, sports, news, and further that displays hashtags you can click on it to know more about the hashtags. 

To begin with, Twitter was a social networking site where users could write brief updates (or “tweets”) using a 140-character limit. According to Technology News, it has evolved into “a main media for photographs, videos, audio samples, and more.”

On this social media platform, people exhibit their suggestions by tweeting or sharing or posting videos, photos, and links. You can also find the official verified accounts of celebrities with millions of followers on their account. People follow their favourite celebrities to know updates about them. 

 When you are browsing on Twitter you find some interesting videos or GIFs that you want to save permanently to watch them whenever you want. But the fact is twitter doesn’t have option from which users can directly download the videos, photos, or GIFs. It is possible to save viral videos of twitter by using a tool that can download videos from Twitter and that is Twitter video download. 

Twitter video download 

Twitter video download is the best twitter video downloading tool present on the internet. It has the advanced technology of scanning the video address and providing the twitter video or GIF to download. 

Images on Twitter are easier to store than videos and GIFs. There is no download video button on Twitter. Regrettably, it is possible to download Twitter videos.

It is perfect for the social media users for downloading their favourite twitter videos and GIFs quickly. You can make collections of twitter GIFs and videos in your device to watch them later. 

It is accessible on any latest devices such as computers, smartphones, tabs, and laptops whatever the operating system they have. You can open this twitter video downloader in any latest browsers.  

Following is the easy procedure to download viral videos from Twitter to view offline. 

How to Save Twitter Viral Videos for Offline Viewing? 

  • First, search the video on twitter by entering hashtag in the search engine or it may be displayed when the twitter website gets opened. 
  • When video is found give a right click on the video and select Copy video address or click the share button and select the Copy Link to tweet. 
  • Go to website and paste the copied video URL in the given input box. 
  • Click the download symbol button in blue colour then it a twitter video will be loaded on the same page. 
  • It also has the option to play the video so you can check the video is that you want. 
  • You can find high-quality video resolutions with Download buttons. So, click the download button in which quality you want to download. 
  • After clicking the download button, download will be started and saved in the internal storage of your device. 

Also, know how to download the twitter videos on your mobile phone. 

How to download twitter videos from twitter on mobile phone? 

  • First thing is to find the video or GIF on Twitter by searching by keywords or hashtags. 
  • When you find the video do a long hold on video and select Copy video address or you can tap on share button and select Copy link to tweet. 
  • Now, open twitter video downloader in your browser and paste it into the given input box. 
  • Tap the download button that is available with the input box. 
  • After that, twitter video will be displayed with resolutions and Download buttons. 
  • Give a tap on Download button in which quality you want to download the twitter video. 
  • The video will be downloaded and saved in your gallery or internal storage. 

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