Canada Start-up Visa program is a huge incentive to international entrepreneurs who are interest in working within a developed country such as Canada while also obtaining PR. But beyond that, it’s also an effective method to obtain PR without requiring to actually work as an entrepreneur as the start-up visa is purely based on investment. As long as you get approve by business incubators and receive a letter of acceptance, you’ll be eligible to move to Canada as a permanent resident.

Application Process of Start-Up Visa

The startup visa program is a type of visa that allows entrepreneurs to immigrate to a country in order to start and grow a business. The application process for a startup visa typically involves the following steps:

Gather Required Documents 

Applicants will need to provide a variety of documents as part of their application, such as proof of business ownership, financial statements, and a detailed business plan.

Consultation With CanadaPrimeImmigration

Once you have all your documents ready, you can consult a certified immigration embassy such as CanadaPrimeImmigration. The company will handle various steps of your start-up visa application process for a reasonable fee such as profile creation, profile submission, strengthening your portfolio to secure maximum chances of your application being accept, and so on.

While it is possible to apply for a  Canada start-up visa without the involvement of an immigration embassy, consulting certified immigration lawyers ensures that there will be no mistakes in your application and that your profile will be strong enough to leave a good impression.

Submit The Application 

Once all of the require documents have been gathered, the applicant can submit their application to the appropriate government agency or designate organization through CanadaPrimeImmigration.

Interview And evaluation 

After the application has been submit, the applicant may be require to participate in an interview and/or provide additional information or documents. The application will be evaluate base on the criteria establish by the government or designate organization.


Once the application has been review, a decision will be made on whether to approve or deny the startup visa. If the application is approve, the applicant will receive the visa and be able to move forward with starting and growing their business in the host country.

Eligibility Criteria For Start-Up Visa

The eligibility criteria for a startup visa can vary depending on the country, but generally include the following:

  1. Business Ownership 

The applicant must be a founder or co-founder of the startup, with a significant ownership stake in the company.

  1. Business Plan 

The applicant’s business plan must be vette and approve by a designate organization or government agency.

  1. Investment

The applicant’s business must have received a significant investment from a recognized venture capitalist, angel investor or business incubator.

  1. Job Creation 

The applicant’s business must have the potential to create jobs and contribute to the host country’s economy.

  1. Innovation 

The applicant’s business must be consider innovative and have potential for growth.

  1. Language Proficiency 

The applicant must demonstrate a certain level of language proficiency in the host country’s official language.

  1. Education 

The applicant must have a certain level of education and professional experience.

  1. Net worth 

The applicant must have a certain net worth and financial resources to support themselves and their business.

  1. Background check 

The applicant must pass a background check and not have a criminal record.

  1. Entrepreneurial experience 

The applicant must have previous entrepreneurial experience.

Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Success With Start-up Visa

Here are some tips that may help increase your chances of success when applying for a startup visa:

Understand The Requirements

Make sure you are familiar with all the requirements and criteria for the startup visa in the country you are applying to.

Tailor Your Business Plan 

Your business plan should be tailor to the specific requirements and criteria of the startup visa program you are applying for.

Network With Local Entrepreneurs 

Networking with local entrepreneurs and business leaders can help you gain insight into the local market and also increase your chances of finding a local mentor or sponsor.

Show Traction 

Show evidence of traction in your business, such as revenue, customers, or partnerships.

Be Prepared For Additional Requirements 

Be prepared to provide additional information or documents as require by the government or designate organization.

Show Commitment 

Show that you are commit to the host country, by having a clear understanding of the market, the local culture, and the language.

Find A Local Partner 

Consider finding a local partner who can act as a sponsor, mentor, or advisor to your business.

Be Honest

Provide accurate and complete information in your application and be honest about any weaknesses or challenges your business may face.

Get Professional Help 

Consider hiring an immigration lawyer or consultant to help you with the application process.


Keep track of the status of your application and follow up with the government or designated organization if necessary.