Not many of you may be familiar with plantable paper, which is a biodegradable eco-paper. This kind of plantable paper is made with certain post-consumer material, where no trees are harmed in order to make such paper. Also, it is embedded with seeds.

If this paper will be planted within a pot containing soil, the seeds will grow and paper will compost away. Things that will be left behind is herbs, flowers or vegetables with no waste. It is much easier to plant this and also grow.

A company who manufactures such plantable paper is Botanical Paper Works, who not only manufacturers but also designs and prints such plantable paper products that are meant for wedding invitations.

It is also used for sending wedding invitations, memorial products, eco-friendly wedding favors, seed paper bookmarks, baby shower invitation cards and much more.

In this small article, we will provide you few information about this plantable paper, so that you will get few basic information to get started.

How to plant such plantable paper

Following are the list of items needed for planting them:

  • A suitable pot for planting
  • Few amounts of good potting soil
  • A plantable paper
  • Sunny corner
  • Water

1 – Prepare your pot

First you fill the pot with good amount of potting soil with 2/3 full. Try to tamp down and add more soil if necessary. You will prefer your pot to be full, but not fully packed.

You can plant paper either indoors or outside, and based on the temperature as well as conditions at that time while planting, you can choose it accordingly. It is not recommended to plant outside if it is desert-hot.

2 – Plant the paper

Now take the plantable paper, cover the soil with paper in prepared pot. No problem if the paper gets overlapped. Spread a 1/8” soil layer over plantable paper piece and then tamp down gently.

3 – Water during germination

Having planted the paper in the pot provide it a good soak. Make the paper and also the soil nicely damp but do not put lots of water. Keep your paper moist during the first ten days. Water will be necessary for germination.

4 – Care after germination

You may continue keeping the paper moist after sprouts appear, but don’t overwater. Once the sturdy plants appear, water it as required.

Step 5 – Enjoy the flowers

As soon as the flowers start to blossom then enjoy them within the pot or you can cut them and try to place them in a decorative vase.

Types of plantable paper seed

Typically, plantable paper from Botanical Paper Works will be embedded with seeds of wildflower but other seed kinds like herbs and veggies can also be available.

Following are few of the seed types available in wildflower blend:

  • Clarkia – Annual
  • Bird’s Eye – Annual
  • Snapdragon – Annual
  • Catchfly – Annual
  • Black-Eyed Susan – Perennial
  • Sweet-Alyssum – Annual

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