Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rajasthan, the India’s largest state and a major tourist destination, is known for its majestic forts, vibrant cultures, colorful markets, rich wildlife and varied landscapes. From the Thar Desert in the west to the Aravali Hills in the east, this state offers a unique experience to tourists. Whether you are looking for an adventure-filled holiday or a leisurely getaway, there is something here to suit everyone’s needs. But with so many places to explore and things to do, planning your perfect Rajasthan tour package can be daunting. In this guide, we provide an overview of some must-see destinations and activities in Rajasthan. Read on for our top tips on how to plan the perfect vacation in Rajasthan!

Plan Perfect Rajasthan Tour Packages

If you’re looking to explore the beautiful state of Rajasthan in India, there’s no better way to do it than with a customized holiday package. You can tailor your trip to include all the sights and experiences that you want to have, making it a truly unique and personal vacation.

There are so many wonderful things to see and do in Rajasthan. From visiting the stunning palaces and forts of Jaipur, to exploring the sand dunes of the Thar Desert, there’s something for everyone. And with a customized holiday package, you can make sure that you see and do exactly what you want.

When you book a customized holiday package, you’ll work with a travel expert who will help you plan every detail of your trip. They’ll be able to recommend the best places to stay, the best activities to do, and can even help you get discounts on flights and accommodation. So why not let them take care of everything and enjoy a hassle-free vacation?

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Rajasthan, book a customized holiday package today!

Rajasthan – The Land of Kings

Rajasthan, the land of kings is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The state is home to a number of Rajputana dynasties and their magnificent forts and palaces. Rajasthan is also known for its rich culture and heritage. The state has a number of World Heritage Sites including the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, and Qutub Minar. Rajasthan is a must-visit destination for any traveler to India.

When planning your Rajasthan tour packages, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, decide what type of tour you want to take. There are a number of different types of tours available, from cultural tours to adventure tours. Choose the type of tour that best suits your interests.

Next, choose your travel dates wisely. Rajasthan experiences extreme weather conditions, so it’s important to visit during the cooler months (October to March). Keep in mind that many of the state’s festivals take place during this time as well, so if you’re interested in attending any, be sure to plan accordingly.

Finally, make sure you book your accommodation and transportation well in advance. Due to its popularity, Rajasthan can be quite crowded during peak season (September to March). By booking early, you’ll ensure that you get the best possible rates on hotels and transportation.

History of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land with a rich and varied history. The region has been home to some of the most powerful empires in India, as well as being a key part of the country’s struggle for independence. Rajasthan has also been home to a number of different cultures and religions, making it a truly unique place to visit.

The earliest history of Rajasthan can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished in the region between 2600 and 1900 BCE. ruins of this ancient civilization can still be seen at sites like Kalibangan and Balathal. Rajasthan was also home to one of the oldest known Hindu kingdoms, the Kingdom of Matsya. This kingdom was founded in the Vedic period, and lasted until around 1000 BCE.

From the 6th century BCE onwards, Rajasthan was dominated by a number of different empires. The first of these was the Maurya Empire, which ruled much of India during this time. The next major empire to control Rajasthan was the Gupta Empire, which controlled the region from around 320 to 550 CE. After the fall of the Gupta Empire, Rajasthan was ruled by a number of smaller kingdoms until it was eventually annexed by the Mughal Empire in 1556 CE.

During the Mughal period, Rajasthan became an important center of art and culture. Many famous mosques and palaces were built during this time, such as the Taj Mahal

Different Places to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land of many beautiful places. From the majestic forts and palaces of Jaipur and Udaipur to the serene lakes and temples of Pushkar and Mount Abu, there is something for everyone in Rajasthan. Here are some of the best places to visit in Rajasthan:

Jaipur: The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is known for its grandiose forts and palaces, including the Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, and City Palace. Jaipur is also home to some excellent museums such as the Albert Hall Museum and the Jawahar Circle.

Udaipur: Another must-visit city in Rajasthan, Udaipur is often called the “Venice of the East” due to its beautiful lakes and palaces. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Udaipur include the City Palace, Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir, and Fateh Sagar Lake.

Pushkar: A holy city for Hindus, Pushkar is home to one of the most sacred temples in India – the Brahma Temple. Pushkar is also famous for its annual camel fair, which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Mount Abu: The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is a popular summer retreat for both tourists and locals alike.

Best Time to Visit Rajasthan

The best time to visit Rajasthan is during the winter months from October to March. The temperature during this time is cool and pleasant, making it ideal for exploring the state. However, if you’re looking to experience the traditional Rajasthani festivals, then you should plan your trip for late February or early March.

How to Reach Rajasthan?

To reach Rajasthan, there are two main options: by air or by train.

By Air:

The Jaipur International Airport is the primary airport serving Rajasthan and is located in the capital city of Jaipur. It is well connected to major Indian cities as well as international destinations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Muscat. Other airports in Rajasthan include Jodhpur Airport, Udaipur Airport, and Kota Airport.

By Train:

Rajasthan is also well connected to other parts of India by rail. The major railway stations in Rajasthan are located in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, and Kota.

Accommodation in Rajasthan

When planning your Rajasthan tour packages, it is important to consider your accommodation options. There are a variety of accommodation options available in Rajasthan, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses.

If you are looking for luxurious accommodations, there are plenty of 5-star hotels in Rajasthan that will offer you all the amenities and services you could possibly want. If you prefer something a bit more intimate and budget-friendly, there are also many great guesthouses and homestays throughout Rajasthan.

No matter what your budget or preferences may be, there is sure to be accommodation in Rajasthan that will suit your needs. Be sure to do your research in advance so that you can find the perfect place to stay during your trip to this amazing state in India.

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