The export quotation is one of the vital documents that lay the foundation of a shipping contract between the importers and exporters. It all starts with the importers issuing an enquiry for some goods and the exporters responding to it with a balanced “export quote”. In the official shipping terminology, the document that raises this quotation is known as the “Proforma Invoice”. An importer wants to buy his goods at the best price in the market! And the exporters have to crack the available deal by extending the best offer through a formal invoice application.

The budding traders have to be very careful about preparing their Proforma Invoice or quotations, as they need to establish a rapport in the market. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to prepare an impressive quote. If the method seems complicated or confusing, one can also take the help of freight forwarders and shipping service providers. Click here to find the easiest ways of preparing the quotation.

Setting Export Price: The First Step

The final price of a freight shipment can make or break a deal! It is the most vital factor of consideration in the quote. Therefore, one has to be careful with finalising the amount. Keep some space for negotiation may be helpful in this case.

  • Explore the prevailing market prices and the rates offered by the contemporaries in that line of product. The amount must be rare and worth the bid!
  • Specify every detail of the pricing and its relation with the quality of the goods offered. Importers must be able to relate to it.
  • In the case of exporters who also offer the after-sale services, mentioning the same in brief can be helpful.

Other Essential Elements to Prepare an Export Quotation

Apart from the price, there are a few other elements that make a difference in the export quotations of different exporters. One must perceive the need for mentioning all this information correctly.

  • One must include the name, contact information, address and tax identification number (if possible) of the seller in the quotation. This information will help the customer identify his service provider in a better way.
  • The full name of the buyer, his address, contact information, and the tax identification number is what counts as a need to mention as well.
  • The detailed and precise description of the merchandise, including HSN (Harmonised System Number), has to be in the invoice. Also, The country of origin of the goods, its popular name in the market, quantity with price per unit and the appropriate currency must be perfect in the export quotation.
  • Including the currently active incoterms and other trade terms can uplift the quality of the quote.
  • The time (when) and the place (where) one received the merchandise. It is also important for making an acutely designated quotation.
  • The “ship to party’s” full name and address are also valuable in the proforma invoice. One must collect all the basic information beforehand to avoid the last-minute hassle.
  • Enlist all the goods and services that are included in the merchandise. Adding any false description here just to uplift the standards of the deal can be a costly risk.

All the elements of the export quote must be true, authentic and justified on legal grounds for one to grab the export deal. This document is the first impression of an exporter on his potential buyer. If it is not convincing enough, one can keep losing business. Thus, most of the traders tend to take the help of reliable professionals in the industry. The renowned shipping companies can help and assist the budding traders efficiently. Make the best export quote to give a start to the shipping business!