While we have always understood the value of hygiene and keeping our environment clean, the COVID-19 pandemic has helped drive the lesson home. One of the most difficult yet essential tasks when cleaning our homes, offices, or schools is cleaning the floors. The high footfall and traffic expose the floors to dirt, dust, mud, grime, and spillage and attract bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. 

Finding a product that cleans tough stains and regular dirt easily while sanitizing the floor is imperative. Lizol is the perfect product for the job trusted by millions of Indian households and office and school administrators.

Why Pick Lizol?

Lizol is India’s number one floor & surface cleaning brand recommended for use by the Indian Medical Association. The “3 Triple Germ Action” formula kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi for complete disinfection and sanitation. Besides offering superior protection from these disease-causing germs, Lizol is tough on stains, dirt, and mud, making floor cleaning quick and effortless. Also, Lizol offers ten times better cleaning than regular phenyls and detergents.

Unlike other cleaning products, Lizol does not leave the room smelling of chemicals. The Active Bloom formula keeps the room smelling fresh and fragrant. Lizol is available in seven different fragrances – Citrus, Pine, Floral, Lavender, Jasmine, Sandal, and Neem. 

The Right Mix

  • For effective cleaning, getting the Lizol solution right is important. 
  • For daily cleaning, users must dilute the Lizol solution with water to remove stubborn stains and grease marks. Lizol should be applied undiluted before rinsing.
  • Add one capful of Lizol in 4 liters of water (approximately ½ bucket) in the right proportion for daily cleaning. It removes dirt, dust, and regular stains and is well suited to clean and disinfect other surfaces such as tiles, ceramic surfaces, stainless steel fixtures, doorknobs, handles, and countertops.
  • For stains and grease marks – Use Lizol undiluted on the stain. Let it stand for 5 minutes, and rinse it out with water.

Precautions While Using Lizol

  • Do not mix Lizol with other cleaning products like detergent, phenyls, or bleach, as it may cause an adverse chemical reaction
  • Lizol is meant for use on stone and hard surfaces. Do not use on softwood or metal surfaces (apart from stainless steel)
  • Avoid skin or eye contact

Dettol Pro Services 

If you are a school, hotel, or office administrator, you must take advantage of the Dettol Pro Services website. The website specifically meets the cleaning requirements of businesses. Not only does the site help in the efficient planning and ordering of cleaning supplies, but it also offers up to 40% discount on the Lizol 5 ltr pack and all other Reckitt Benckiser products. In addition, you can also save on shipping and avail of extra discounts on monthly orders.