A gift is a love token that you choose for your loved one to remember a special occasion. Choosing a gift involves something specific that the recipient loves the most. For example, if you know your bestie is crazy about designer clothes you will buy a beautiful dress for her.

However, people want to buy something universal and safe. Here comes the importance of buying a beautiful picture gift. The best photo gifts are the ones that have a personal touch – personalized photo presents. It’s a beautiful alternative to preserve your beautiful moments in one place.

Today we’ve come up with a hefty collection of picture gift ideas.

Photo mugs:

People used to start a day with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Give something related to it. A photo-printed personalized coffee mug is the most popular gift across the world.

A simple coffee mug is personalized with the recipient’s photograph and sometimes with a heartfelt message from the sender. It’s a useful gift that everyone will love.

Personalized photo collage:

Looking for something special for your “selfie queen” bestie’s birthday? A personalized picture collage frame to hang on the living room wall is the best pick for her. Choose a bunch of photographs from her social media accounts. The personalization artist will create the gift as per your requirements. Add a funny quote for her. Trust us, she is going to love your gift.

Photo wall clock:

A table or wall clock is a necessary thing that everyone needs. So, think about something unique to create with them. Buy a photo-printed personalized wall clock for your mother to surprise her this Mother’s Day. You can choose 12 separate photos for each of the hour indicators. You will get a lovely photo gift to hand over to your mom.

Photobook album:

Create a perfect anniversary gift for your life partner on your 5th-anniversary celebration. All you need is to select a bunch of photographs that define your love story and a few pictures that holds very precious memories of you two. The personalization artist will create a beautiful photo album preserving all your precious memories. You will recall each of the moments seeing it after decades.

Wooden plaque:

A piece of hardwood plaque is personalized with a digital photograph or the artist himself engraves the photo on it. A heart, square or rectangular wooden plaque can be used to personalize as a gift. Add your personal message to wish the recipient on a very special occasion. It’s a beautiful piece that can be placed in the living room wall cabinet.

Photo keychain:

Personalized photo keychains are beautiful tiny gifts that you can give your younger sibling for the new bike he/she got on the last birthday. It’s designed with a front-faced photograph of the recipient. Due to the very little space, no personalized message can be inserted.

Some other unique and creative personalized photo gifts also can be found in online gift stores. Choose the suitable one as per your budget and the recipient’s choices.