Microsoft has created a new approach for applicants to demonstrate their understanding of core data services and Azure data services in light of the increasing demand for cloud computing expertise. The newest Microsoft certification training is the DP 900 training.

Obtaining the Microsoft Certified – Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certification provides an in-depth understanding of fundamental data concepts and how data services operate on the Azure platform. Furthermore, candidates who wish to launch their careers in roles based on Azure Data would benefit significantly from this Azure certification.

DP-900: Intended Audience

IT professionals who wish to build their core knowledge of cloud data services within Microsoft Azure will benefit from this certification. Completing this certification prepares one to take on database administrator, data analyst, and data engineer responsibilities. 

Data engineers familiar with database types, big data concepts, and unstructured data management should also consider earning the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals certification.

Microsoft DP-900 certification training is the best choice for those new to the world of Azure credentials and who want to show their proficiency with cloud data platforms.

DP-900: Exam Details

The Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP 900 Training will benefit your certification if you decide to enter the databases industry. The question paper comprises different questions, including drag-and-drop, true-false, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

The exam duration is 60 minutes, and the question paper comprises 40 to 60 questions. A score of 700 out of 1000 is required to pass the DP-900 exam. Your knowledge, readiness, and commitment will all be evaluated in-depth.

DP-900: Exam Topics

The exam topics that make up the curriculum of the thorough DP-900 exam preparation are as follows: 

  • Clarifying fundamental data principles 
  • Explaining the use of relational data  
  • Illustrating the use of non-relational data  
  • Describing workload for analytics  

DP-900: Key Benefits

  • DP-900 provides candidates with extensive knowledge of managing and interacting with data in the cloud using Azure services.
  • DP-900 certification rewards candidates with two-star badges and the title of Azure Database Administrator or Azure Data Engineer at the Associate level.
  • DP-900 offers significant employment advantages in the tech sector.

DP-900: Tips to Prepare Well

A strategy in place makes it easy to study for Microsoft online courses and obtain certification. Listed below are some proven strategies to assist in exam preparation.

  1. Define Career Objectives

Without clearly defined goals, getting the right certification for Microsoft Azure will be challenging. Thus, if you are preparing for the DP-900 exam, you must already be clear on your targets. 

  1. Comprehend the Exam Topics Clearly

Mastering the domains and their subtopics is the primary objective of the DP-900 exam. All exam questions encountered during the DP-900 training would be from the syllabus. Therefore, making a plan while studying for the DP-900 exam is very important.

     3.Understand the Relevance of Each Topic

Identifying the weightage of each domain is the next thing on the list. Knowledge of the domains’ question expectancy is important to prioritize exam preparation strategy. Create study schedules accordingly, keeping in mind that each domain is equally important to your final score.

  1. Use Microsoft Official Learning Resources

A good source of study materials for the DP-900 exam can also be found directly from Microsoft. Microsoft certification courses offer several accessible learning pathways that thoroughly cover the fundamentals of the DP-900 test subjects.

  1. Enroll in Online Training Courses

Online classes are beneficial and convenient. They assist you in thoroughly learning the fundamentals and in strengthening your subject’s weak spots. Numerous online DP-900 exam preparation courses are accessible, where qualified teachers or experts will teach you the fundamentals and central ideas of Azure Cloud. These online training courses offer flexible scheduling to learn when it’s more convenient for you.

  1. Gain Practical Experience

Prior work experience with Azure cloud will make it easier for you to comprehend the exam’s objectives. You can find a wide variety of both free and paid labs for all Microsoft Azure certifications exams.

  1. Attempt DP-900 Practise Exams

The best way to evaluate your abilities and determine how well you are prepared for the DP-900 exam is, without a doubt, to take the practice test. Your level of preparation will be evaluated, and you’ll identify any areas that need improvement.


Here are a few tried-and-true pointers to remember while you prepare for the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 test. For future preparation for the Azure certification, keep these study tips in mind. The foundation of your adventure with Azure is laid out in DP-900’s basic idea concept. You can learn a lot and further apply a lot more of it to your career. Start your DP 900 training today!

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