Karwa Chauth, the much-awaited festival, celebrated primarily in North India by married women marks an important day in the Hindu calendar. Honoured for its religious values and historical meaning, women are seen celebrating karwa Chauth wearing bright colour sarees and heavy jewellery. Celebrating love and embarking on a beautiful journey each year with their life partners, women wish for long and prosperous lives of their husbands.

The Karwa Chauth thali is a big winner on this day. Women pay time and heed in decorating their thalis like no others. There is always room for creativity, but some items are a must. Inclusive of “Kalash”, “diya”, Roli”, “chawal”, “Channi”, “sweets”. You could hype it along with some “curd”, “dupatta”, “agarbatti” and other auspicious possessions of your respective cultures.

While wives are doing their part to make this day and many more to come, notable for their husbands, there are some things on the plate that men can do to go in good books. No women say no to gifts and never on the special occasions. While big gestures are always appreciated, some small presents can travel a lot of distance too. While some gifts can be personalised and hand-made, some are universal, and that is what we are to help you for.

Karwa Chauth is a 24-hour prolonged fasting that deserves 24-hour log attention. Pampering your ladies and making it memorable for them is the one thing you have to do. Make it count so they can boast it the next day in front of their friends too.

  • How about a series of gifts?

To make it truly special and extravagant, plan 24 different gifts for your wives. One present each hour to show your appreciation for the misery they go through to pray for your long life with a beautiful smile on their face.

  • The first surprise of the day

While they know they are waking up to embark on a harrowing journey, you can make it slightly easy for them. Commence the day with a beautiful and freshly plucked flower bouquet. Women love their husbands, but they love their share of flowers too.

  • Pamper the beauty

Giving her a day off and taking over responsibilities like preparing food and cleaning the house will be a great idea. Let her have a day with a relaxing pedicure and manicure, maybe a facial or some massage can be a good idea. You decide the food menu while she decides the list of services.

  • Some apparels and shoes

Yes, she may have something planned but wait till you see the look on her face when you give her a saree of your choice and some footwear to go along. You know her favourite colour, now pick a dress.

  • How about jewellery and make-up?

If you ask women, a big yes to jewellery and an even bigger yes to make-up. The unapologetic desire for the two has made women confident and beautiful on their terms. You know it too, don’t you?

The list is not that long. Well, you don’t see the women complaining. Pull up your socks and take on the challenge. It is not yet a ritual, but we hope it becomes one day. Good luck to all women, and a big thumbs up to the men as well.