There is no more refreshing way to enjoy a drink, especially in this hot weather, when it is cold or served with ice. At home, we always have those ice trays to handle, and more updated fridges, an ice machine. For commercial purposes, ice machines are a must for the restaurant and hotel industries. Ice making machines are used by these businesses to keep food fresh. Apart from the food industry, they are also used in many industrial applications because the demand for a good ice maker machine is increasing.

Ice makers equal to one in our domestic refrigerator. With these machines, the ice blocks produce certainly more extensive than the average dimensions of the cubes we pour into our drinks. They also come in sizes that weigh up to 100 kg.

Because the ice blocks created are mostly for industrial purposes, they last longer and can reach lower temperatures, unlike the regular ice cubes we usually use.

Ice making machine works with the same necessary foundation of ice making:

  • Water is placed in canisters.
  • These canisters are immersed in brine sodium or solution tanks.
  • Effectively, this method brings the temperature of the compartment below the freezing point and freezes the liquid inside. This process is now performed with fewer human resources, with the more efficient machines can complete this process quickly.
  • Since an ice making machine is a relatively significant investment, they need to be well maintained to ensure that they can work effectively for long periods.

Here are some essential considerations to increase functionality and even effectiveness:

  • Water quality
  • Water temperature
  • Water purity
  • Placement
  • Power Supply
  • Cleaning and maintenance

For cleanliness, ensure that internal and external parts and machine components are inspected periodically. Since this machine is related to water and moisture still exists, it is easy to keep dirt. It will compromise not only the quality of the product but also the way the machine works.

You will ensure that you hire professionals to do machine testing, and repairs will need to be recalibrated. Descaling is similar to defrosting our fridge to get rid of ice making. It also ensures that clogs are prevented. Your machines may not be able to generate good ice blocks.

Keep your customers always satisfied with high-quality ice maker and get the most from your investment by taking care of your equipment, such as how you treat personal items – this is always important!