A variety of curriculum are offered. When deciding on the curriculum, you must map out your child’s requirements and needs, even though everything may seem to be in his or her best interests. A key stage 3 curriculum is reportedly the greatest choice if you want to assure your child’s complete development and quality education!

On the other hand, obtaining an education solely from the key stage 3 curriculum is insufficient. This curriculum must be implemented properly and with the suitable faculty. This can be achieved if schools in Kuala Lumpur are taken into account. Let’s learn more about the Key stage 3 curriculum before addressing why private schools in Kuala Lumpur are the best.

Curriculum for Key Stage 3

The first three years of secondary school, or students between the ages of 11 and 14, are covered by the Key Stage 3 Curriculum, which is a component of the National Curriculum. For both the material that must be taught to the students and the evaluation criteria, there are established standards. Also, it specifies the criteria for fair testing of the kids.

Curriculum for Key Stage 3 Subjects

The National Curriculum mandates that students in Key Stage 3 receive instruction in the following 11 subjects: Computing or ICT, Technology and Design, Design and Art, Geography, Science, English, Physical Education (with a swimming component that is required), Modern Foreign Languages, History, Citizenship, and Math. Also, you may find qualified instructors, seasoned tour guides, and teachers of all of these courses at a private school in Kuala Lumpur.

Evaluation of Key Stage 3 Students

The key stage 3 curriculum uses a fair grading system. Until 2002, students had to take the SATs at the conclusion of Year 9. However in order to lessen the strain on schools, SATs for these pupils were later abandoned.

Teachers now evaluate their pupils by asking them to complete homework assignments or in-class assessments. Their academic performance will influence the KS4 study options students are given at year 9 and how they choose to pursue those options.

Why Key Stage 3 curricula are best taught in private schools in Kuala Lumpur?

The actual curriculum is the greatest. But only if you pick the right school can you fully benefit from it. The following justifies why KL’s private schools are the best:
optimally qualified academic staff
Allowing for the originality and ingenuity of each learner
cost-effective charge structure
updated instructional techniques
A comprehensive study strategy was used.

The Last Word

You must now be persuaded that the Key Stage 3 curriculum or secondary education constitutes the most significant phase of a child’s growth. Also, pick the top private school in Kuala Lumpur to guarantee you receive a superior education. GIIS is one such institution!

In order to support students in all classes, GIIS, or Global Indian International School, employs some of the greatest faculty members. It makes use of an updated, contemporary method of educating people that removes all opportunity for uncertainty on the part of students. For more information on the application procedure, the fee schedule, and other specifics, get in touch with the institution.