Find yourself deep in the heart of Portugal at where yoga is the main focus and finding peace and tranquillity in a world of chaos is the aim.

Yoga has become an incredibly popular lifestyle choice for a lot of people today and finding the right yoga retreat can be a daunting task with so many to choose from. Yoga is not just simply one style fits all, it is a systematic process that has different levels of practice and choosing the right one is fundamentally important due to general health and safety for your body and mind.

On our yoga retreats you will get expert advice from our very experienced and world renowned yoga teachers who have been teaching yoga classes on yoga holidays for many years. The environment of a class is very important if all participants are to really experience the full health benefits of an authentic yogic experience. Yoga is about becoming aware of our senses, such as, what we see, hear, touch, smell, taste as all of these things stimulate the mind and either raise the spirit or send us into a negative pattern of thinking or behaviour. When we develop the ability to become the observer of our experience then we are on our way to gaining a greater understanding of ourselves and the people we share our lives with. If we practice to keep ourselves calm then this radiates into the lives of our friends and family and brings so many benefits.

Yoga philosophies have been around for thousands of years and all of them have the same fundamental advice for us who live in the modern world today “if we practice then we will feel peaceful”. This is of course very true but like all things it is not just as simple as it sounds. In order to feel peaceful we have to first learn a system of practice and in order to do that we must put some effort into it. This means we have to really put our minds to the task at hand and that requires a lot of focus and discipline because it’s not easy finding the time to dedicate to our yoga practice, let alone finding even more time to go on a yoga retreat. But if you want to enhance you health and wellbeing then a simple requirement is to dedicate your precious time to becoming healthy and balanced using yoga.

The yoga evolution retreat centre is set in the heart of rural Portugal and is a centre of excellence and high professional standards for all things yoga and qigong or mindfulness meditation. The centre has accommodation buildings as well as an outdoor restaurant and a lovely swimming pool. We find the backdrop of the mountain ranges with breath taking views as it is set in somewhat of a horseshoe terrace amongst the forest lands. If you are looking for a place to learn more about yoga and meditation that is authentic and set in nature, then this is the yoga place for you.

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