For drivers who are driving heavier vehicles or those who are not strong enough to control the wheels, power steering systems provide that helpful push they need. Powered by hydraulic or electric components (or a combination of the two), they are designed to multiply the force you input into steering wheels; making it easier for you to rotate the wheels and turn the vehicle.

But like any other system, they naturally undergo wear and tear. There will come a point in time when you’d need to replace a part (or the whole system) to address the problem. If you own a Benz, online Mercedes parts are available for you to look at and choose from.

Through this feature, we’re discussing seven signs of power steering problems and how you can resolve them.

You hear a squealing noise when you’re starting the engine. Though you’ll typically hear a noise when you start your car, a distinctive squealing will be heard if your steering system has a problem. The steering pump’s noise is caused by loose pulleys, worn bearings, or low fluid level. If it’s the last, have a mechanic replenish the fluid and check if there are any leaks. If it’s the first two, replacing them can be your best bet.

You hear a whining noise when turning the wheel. Similar to the first item, this one can stem from a low level of steering liquid. It can also be caused by a bad power steering belt, which should be addressed by adjusting its tension.

Your power steering fluid has turned gray. New steering fluid is usually red. If it becomes gray then it means that it has already oxidized (read: it’s already old). To prevent your system from performing inefficiently, have the fluid be replaced by a new one. Just make sure that you use a compatible fluid for your vehicle.

You notice a stain or puddle under your vehicle. If the fluid smells pungent (distinctive from the smell of engine oil), then this is a tell-tale sign that your system leaks. You must find the source and apply special additives (such products are also available in those who sell online Mercedes parts). To be sure, have it inspected by a professional.

Your steering wheel feels stiffer than usual. When you notice this one, immediately check your fluid status. It’s being worn out is a primary cause and in this case, it needs to be flushed and replaced. Also, inspect if it’s the belt that’s the issue.

Your steering wheel responds slower. Ever found it hard to turn your wheels? The most likely cause is a damaged steering pump. Keep in touch with your mechanic so your pump can be replaced with a new one.

You feel your steering wheel vibrating. This is another sign of a damaged or worn out steering belt, that often needs to be replaced. If it’s only slipping, be sure to readjust the tension. If it’s not the belt that’s causing the vibrations, check if your tire is low on air and have it addressed in a car shop.

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