Many married couples have experienced it at least once. There are ways to improve sex in marriage, and reignite the passion in your sex life. Do not give up on your dream of improving sex in marriage. You can make a difference by asking the question, “How do I have better sex in my marriage?” and making genuine efforts to build comfort, have fun, and shake up your routine.

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Physical intimacy and sex are natural parts of a relationship. However, it is possible for a couple to lose their spark over time. To make sex more enjoyable in marriage, you just need to rekindle the passion that you shared with your partner.

Why is sex important in a marriage

Sex is often a human need. It isn’t just about having fun or meeting a need. Healthy body and mind are associated with sexuality.

Every orgasm releases oxytocin. This hormone is also known as “love hormone”. It is well-known to improve heart health, reduce stress and lower the risk of developing mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Also, sex can improve intimacy and encourage cuddling and snuggling. This will likely make you feel closer with your partner. You can improve your mental and physical health by learning tips to make sex more enjoyable for both you and your partner.

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Tips on How to Have Better Sex for Men and Women

You now know about the health benefits of sex, and how important it is to a happy and healthy marriage. It is time to learn how to improve your sex skills.

Perhaps you and your spouse are having a difficult time sexing in marriage. Or maybe you want to spice up the bedroom. These sex tips can help you have a better sex experience. 

1. Let them know how you can turn it around

The first step to making sex more enjoyable is turning your partner on. Talk to your partner and share what you love and what makes you happy. This will make things simpler for them and help them have fun with sex.

2. Foreplay turns chores into fun

It’s possible to spice things up and do something nice and romantic for your partner.

Research found that partners who help around the house are more likely to enjoy sex with each other. If you do it well, anything can be sexy. If you are looking for better sex in marriage, make sure to grab every opportunity.

3. Don’t worry about the penetration of sex

Penetrative sex can be a concern for some people. Experts say they can become so worried that it negatively affects their sexual abilities.

It is important not to stress about it too much. Other things are possible, like oral sex or other fun activities for you and your partner. It is more likely that it will happen naturally if you don’t stress about it.

4. Check your diet

Your sex drive can be affected by what you eat. It is important to check your diet and include foods that will help you increase your stamina and sex drives .

If you eat foods high in antioxidants and proteins that boost your sexual performance, it is possible to have good sex in marriage.

5. Take your time undressing

You may find your partner enjoy undressing you. This could increase the sexual experience for you both. You can have better sex by being sexy, but slow in the undressing process. This could increase oxytocin release and spark more passion between the sheets.

6. It’s your last chance

Many people don’t know how long sex should last and think their partners have unreasonable expectations.

A study found that intercourse should last between 7 and 14 minutes. It will be more enjoyable for you and your partner if it lasts this long.

7. Porn together

It is a common misconception that couples can’t enjoy porn together.

It’s great to forget about the misconceptions you have about porn if you are in a relationship. You can feel more comfortable and discover what you like in the bedroom.

8. You can take control of your breath

They teach you to control your breath when you are training for a sport. Better sex techniques include breathing. It will help you stay in bed for longer and increase your stamina.

9. Turn on the lights

Did you know that some people are more visually oriented than others?

I doubt you haven’t heard of research that so many people are visual beings. It makes sense that sex should be done with the lights off.

10. Intimacy can be increased

Emotional intimacy is directly related to increasing physical intimacy . Talk to your spouse, give them time, be available for them, go out with them on dates, and keep the romance going. It will likely reflect on your sex life.

You may be wondering how to have better sex. Focusing on intimacy is the key.

11. Get more sex

When you make sex your priority, there are several things that can happen.

How can you improve your sex life? Sex is an activity. You must improve your skills as with any other activity.

You must be deliberate about improving sex in marriage. This is one of the best tips to improve sex in marriage.

You will start to get to know your partner better and your body will become more familiar. When you learn how to navigate your partner’s bodies and push each other to the limit, sex can become amazing.

12. Openly communicate and have a productive conversation about sex

It is important to have an honest, open conversation about your sexual life. This is one of the best tips to better sex.

Although sex can improve any relationship, both partners must be able to express their needs without shame. For a happier relationship and better sex, it is important to be vocal about your needs.

13. Do your best to look great and taste great

Oral sex is a popular option for some people. Bad hygiene can make oral sex less enjoyable for you and your partner.

Do your best to be a good partner by looking great and practicing good hygiene. You will feel more at ease and happier if they love it.

14. Listen

You might also share certain things with your partner. Listening to them can help you solve half of your problems. Your partner might have the answer to your problem of how to be more comfortable in bed.

Talk to your spouse about their interests and how they are treated. You will make your spouse feel loved and appreciated at bedtime.

15. Make a mood

A good night of intimacy is made possible by music, candles that smell nice, and dim lighting. You will feel more comfortable, confident, and in love with your partner when you create a mood. There is very little chance of anything going wrong if you both are fully involved. Visit our shop: